Черепахинская тропа - «За_природу»
Voronezh Reserve

Project director,
Creative director:
Victor Yemelyanov

Design director:
Yulia Salamekh

General decision:
Vera Godunova

Valentina Volkova

Andrey Akinshin,
Evgeniya Belyonova

Alexey Lisitsyn

Production manager:
Alexey Cherkasov

Voronezh State Reserve

Scientific consultant:
Ph. D. Igor Ivanovich Vorobyov

We would like to express special gratitude to Igor Ivanovich for unveiling a number of basic principles which help to understand some difficult information, which makes the walk along the trail fun and interesting.

Cherepakhinskaya Trail

The trail runs through all the key biotopes of the reserve: from the forest of high and straight pines that used to be the material for ships, through an oak grove and marshy alders to the bank of the Usman, the main river of the reserve. This is the best place to show patterns and principles of the wildlife. The path helps guests to look at the forest in a whole new way, teaches to read its signs.


We created a chain of notice boards, each of which is dedicated to one of the biotopes, installed navigation elements, and developed recognizable general design for the trail. The material is presented in an easy, evident form so that it is interesting both for adults, and children. Now, entering the forest, the guests do not feel lonely and outcast: the notice boards will tell and show everything needed and will help not to get lost.

The entrance to the trail

Visitors are accompanied by two characters: the wise turtle Usmanya and the naughty hare Schuster. They express the main message of each notice board, attract the guests to reading and make it easier to understand the information.

Infographics and illustrations make the boards more noticeable. They also help tourists who decided to walk along the path independently, and guides leading an organized group.

The Excursion Scenario

At the heart of any design concept is always the excursion scenario. We communicate with employees of the reserve to understand what topics are the visitors interested in, what facts cause a lively response, and which topics are too difficult and need to be explained by infographics. Thus, synergy is achieved between the experience of the staff of the reserve and our design and interpretation abilities.

Deputy Director of the Voronezh Reserve Ph. D. Igor Ivanovich Vorobyov leads the first group along the new path.

In the nature

While designing the trail and developing the general identity, we regularly traveled to the reserve to see everything with our own eyes, to feel, to find intonations, forms, formats. Designing the objects installed in wildlife is a difficult task. A man-made trail should not look out of place in the nature.

Exhibits and art objects

To liven up the trail, we invented objects with which visitors can interact: various exhibits, including interactive ones and art objects.

Spread your wings! On the Cherepakhinskaya trail, you can compare the size of your arms with the wingspan of the birds living in the reserve. Nobody has been able to compete with the white-tailed eagle yet.

Details that not everyone can notice. There are animal footprints on the tree stumps along the trail. Finding them all is a quest for real rangers!